Moving bonus for private employees and public servants

Conditions for obtaining the moving allowance

You benefit from the moving allowance distributed by the Caisses d’Allocations Familiales (), if you meet the following conditions.

  1. You are expecting your third child (or beyond) and you are entering your third month of pregnancy or you have at least three dependent children and the youngest is under two years old.
  2. You move between the first day after the third month of pregnancy and the two years of the youngest child.
  3. You apply for a moving allowance no later than 6 months after moving into your new home.
  4. You benefit from APL (Personalized Housing Assistance) or ALF (Family Housing Allowance).

How much can I get?

takes into account all the costs incurred, capped at:

  • € 957.60 if you have 3 dependent children
  • 1037, 40 € if you have 4 dependent children
  • + € 79.80 extra from the 5th child

How to fill out an application?

The application for a moving allowance is made to the Family Allowance Fund by completing two documents:

  • Cerfa form no. 11363 which concerns the application itself
  • Cerfa form no. 11423 for a declaration of situation.

You can download the documents either directly on the website or go to the cash register closest to your home.

Justify all expenses incurred

No compensation will be paid without proof. If you have used a mover, you must provide the bill.

This must include the addresses of departure and arrival, the date of transport and the type of payment of the invoice.

If you take care of the transport yourself, you must produce proof of all the expenses incurred (vehicle rental bills, tolls …).

You must also declare any aid received by other bodies (eg employer or state loan for civil servants). These will be deducted from the amount that will be paid by the .

Good to know : it is possible in some cases to obtain an advance on presentation of a quote. Check with your for more information.

What to do in case of refusal

It is possible to dispute the decision of your Caisse provided you do so within two months of notification. After this time, you will have no further recourse. Send your complaint by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt to your caisse and ask to be submitted to the amicable board of appeal. This one will be in charge to reconsider your request.

The moving allowance for the officials of the National Education

The moving allowance for the officials of the National Education

If your change of assignment results in a change of private residence, you can benefit from a support. To do this Simply send your request to the Academy of the place where you are assigned in the 12 months following the change of residence and

Cumulative conditions

  • You are an official.
  • You move no earlier than 9 months before your transfer.
  • You justify sufficient seniority to the position you leave: 5 years since the last change (reduced to 3 years if this is your first transfer). If your application follows a change of assignment of your spouse who is a public service employee, there is no minimum duration to be respected.
  • You move with your family (spouse and children) as your principal residence.


The lump sum

It is fixed by decree and totally independent of the real costs incurred. It is intended to cover expenses related to the transport of furniture. Its amount depends on the kilometric distance separating the old and the new housing.

Variable compensation

It is intended to reimburse the transport of persons and is calculated on the basis of the SNCF tariff in second class if you travel by train or on the basis of the kilometric scale of the tax administration if you make the trip by car.

Calculation of the moving allowance

You can not claim any compensation if your transfer is the result of a disciplinary sanction, as well as if you move following a departure on parental leave or on training leave.

The different credits

France is a country where the borrower enjoys strict protection from the public authorities, unlike the Anglo-Saxon countries such as the United States. The crisis of 2008 regarding “Subprimes” came – if need be – remind us. Review of the different credits and their regulations.

What are the different forms of credit in France

What are the different forms of credit in France

There are different classifications of loans. Economists in particular often talk about borrowing in the short, medium and long term. This classification by duration brings no useful light to our senses and we prefer the one which consists in classifying the different loans according to their destination.

The different credits allocated

The loans allocated are those whose destination is perfectly identified at the time of the constitution of the file.

The mortgage

The mortgage is the main credit affected. Its purpose may be only the acquisition of real property, whether it is a dwelling as a principal residence, the purchase of a second home or a rental investment in the home. old or in the context of a tax exemption operation such as the Borloo law.

Consumer loan

Among the various consumer credits, some are said to be affected. This is the case of auto loans. The borrower subscribes for a loan in order to acquire a perfectly identified consumer good as to its use and amount.

Other loans fall within this framework, even if the borrower does not tell the bank what it is for. The protection is identical and all benefit from the Consumer Code.

Permanent credit

This is a special consumer loan. Indeed, the permanent credit allows to benefit from a credit line refundable only in case of use. Highly criticized by consumer associations, it was the subject of enhanced protection during the Lagarde Act on consumer credit.

Business credit

Professional credit is a business loan. It can serve both the individual enterprise, ie the craftsman, the trader or the liberal profession as the SME-SMI. The needs covered by this type of financing are multiple. Indeed, the professional loan can cover both real estate needs such as the purchase of business premises or offices, as well as equipment.

Even if the financial crisis makes access to credit more difficult, companies can also obtain a loan to cover cash requirements.

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Real estate loan


This question comes up regularly in various credit forums. But getting a real estate loan when you’re in a cdd or when you’re intermittent is entirely possible if you respect a certain number of conditions, even if a contract on a permanent contract makes it easier to borrow .

I am on a fixed term, can I get a mortgage?

I am on a fixed term, can I get a mortgage?

If you are in a cdd and have been working for about ten years, the situation will worry the banker less than if you have just entered the workforce and this is your first job.

In the case of co-borrowers, if one member of the couple has a contract of employment in CDI, the situation may only be reinforced.

Other criteria for analysis

The study of a credit file leads the banker to analyze a certain number of criteria. It will be all the more intransigent that you have a precarious situation with a fixed term contract or an interim contract.

The personal contribution

The first criterion of analysis, the personal contribution proves to the banker that you knew how to save. Moreover, to lend beyond the value of the real estate, ie to finance in addition the notary fees does not enchant the banker. This situation is even more troublesome if you do not have a stable situation and you ask for a mortgage when you are in cdd.

However, it is easy for banks to understand that a young worker has not had the years to build capital. It will therefore be more flexible for a purchase for a primo accedant.

Bank statements

When the job situation is not stabilized, bank statements can prove to your banker that you know how to manage your budget. Otherwise, you will have trouble convincing the bank that it takes no risk to lend you

The debt ratio

Again if you apply for a mortgage with a fixed-term employment contract, the bank will be very strict on the debt ratio and will accept very difficult debt over 33%.

The rest to live

This is a point in the credit file that is being watched more and more by the banker. The “remainder to live” is the portion of income that remains once the credit date has been settled. It must be sufficient to support the members of the household. This amount is therefore analyzed according to the number of people in the household

What you need to remember if you are applying for a real estate loan and you are in a cdd or intermediation is that it is quite possible to obtain a loan but expect that the other aspects of the file are analyzed in great detail by the banker.

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Business loan for small businesses – easy and fast

Anyone who runs a small business often depends on borrowed capital. Especially in the early days often a loan for small businesses must be included. So that the application is also approved, a lot must be considered. So the trader must first sufficiently inform himself.

Loan information for the small business

The loan for small businesses is often used to make important investments. A company vehicle, goods or even the office space must be paid. Especially at the beginning of the money is particularly important. Employees must be paid and an IT system purchased. There are different reasons for a loan for small businesses. The customer does not always have the choice, as it has employees.

The borrower first has to find out where he can borrow, so that this loan can be successfully taken up for small businesses. The banks will want to have a precise listing of what the money will be raised for. So a purpose must be specified. Banks also often require evidence to be provided in the form of bills. So she makes sure that the money is really used for the business.

What the trader has to bring

The trader must first submit a few documents for the loan for small businesses. These are checked exactly by the bank. You want to have a loan for a small business only customers who can pay off the Loan. Business figures are always the first thing to look at. The business has to make a monthly profit so that a loan for small businesses is affordable.

The latest tax assessments and an operational evaluation must be submitted to the lender. That way the bank can see how much money there is in the company. This is important, because it must be determined a monthly rate. A current profit and loss account must also be submitted. Tradespeople are also examined. Only if the total package, which the applicant offers, will it come to a conclusion of a loan.

The borrower should first think about what the installments should be. So a runtime can be determined. A list of costs should be available. So a loan amount can be determined so that everything can be paid.

This is how you find the right business loan

In order for the right loan to be awarded to small businesses, the customer should compare the offers. Thus, the loan seekers find providers who also grant a loan to a trader. If loan collateral exists, it should be stated at the beginning. This always has a positive effect on the Loanworthiness. A comparison on the internet can be done at any time.

For example, traders can start a comparison on the weekend when the deal is closed. So the loan seeker has a lot of time and can look around in peace. The loan amount and the term must be known. If these are entered in the comparison, plus the purpose, a loan can be determined. Various providers are displayed. Not only the annual percentage rate is important here. Important are also further product details.

Should a special repayment be used?

A definite yes can be given when it comes to the special repayment. This should always be in the contract. Even if the loan for small businesses this is not used. Once the deal runs a year better than planned, additional redemption will not hurt. But on the contrary! The customer can thus save interest, reduce the rate or reduce the term. That saves a lot of money.

The special repayment is not a duty, even if it was written down in the contract. There is always the possibility to use them. A special repayment per year is often free. If you want to use more, you often have to pay for it. As the bank earns money through interest at any rate, only a few special repayments are made. If there is a provider who offers it for free, this opportunity should be used.

The questions borrowers ask themselves

In order to allow Internet users to find specific questions to the answers they ask themselves, Emprunt-Et-Cré has decided to adapt its “Frequently Asked Questions” section to make it both more functional and more accessible . The goal is ambitious: to allow borrowers to find the answer to their question very directly and simply in the world.

Grouped into 15 categories, from real estate loans to the problem of over-indebtedness through insurance or real estate, this database will ultimately gather most of the detailed answers to all the questions we have been asked for the last 5 years. .

The reorganization of the Frequently Asked Questions will nevertheless take a few months to find its final form. It will therefore be necessary to wait before finding on the home page the block presenting the categories .

How to use the FAQ?

Nothing more simple, just first go to homepage and then click on the topic that interests you. This categorization saves a lot of time rather than having to search through dozens of different questions. The organization of the FAQ also makes it easy to find related questions that can complement the information in a relevant way. As we often say one question can bring another.

Example: Does a seller have the right to refuse to sell to a borrower who uses a home loan?

If you have already done this, even if you have done this type of research, you would agree that the answer is not easy to find. You will have to spend a lot of time browsing the Internet and collecting scattered information across many sites. One will address the obligations of the seller but will be too vague, the other will give you information about the bank loan refusal, another will talk about the protection of the borrower. Thanks to the FAQ of you will be able to find a PRECISE answer to a PRECISE question.

An original way of approaching practical and fast finance

An original way of approaching practical and fast finance

We are convinced that this unique way of dealing with financial issues through practical cases will allow everyone to find in just a few clicks the answers they are entitled to expect from an information site like ours.

Ask your question directly to our experts

Ask your question directly to our experts

Even with the content provided and detailed, it will certainly happen that a question is not asked or at least that the answer provided by our experts is not fully adapted to your situation. Never mind, you can ask us directly. You will receive the answer directly and if we deem it useful for users, we will add it to the FAQ, which will feed the database for all.

Some examples of questions asked by Internet users

  • How much is the percentage of notary fees on the purchase of a house?
  • Does my bank have the right to transfer my booklet to fill an overdraft on my current account?
  • How does the bank calculate agios for my discovery?
  • Can seniors over the age of 60 make a credit redemption transaction?

The main cause of business loan frustration

Finding right business financing is not easy at the best times for most small and medium business owners and managers. There are a number of reasons that together explain why the business finance market can be so difficult to understand and too Probably the most important reason is the lack of useful information on how the corporate finance market actually works.

The financing information for companies and sources of education exists mainly in two forms:

1) Textbooks;

2) Big bank advertising.

If you’ve ever read an education finance textbook or attended a business finance course, you already know how difficult it can be to apply the theories, principles and strategies to a small or medium sized business. Our formal education system only provides limited information on how the marketplace works, how to budget for financing, how to tackle growth periods, decline, transition, launch, etc. Academic books and courses can go through all these areas in great detail, but is the information practical, real world, something that you can refer to as a manager or owner of a small or medium business and in most cases the answer is a clear NO.More Finance textbooks speak big – business finance dynamics that are not easily transferable to small and medium sized business scenarios.

Outside of the formal education system, the next big source of business finance information is that of the big banks that they usually provide through their broad marketing campaigns. Unfortunately, the information alone rarely helps determine if a particular institution would be able to provide you with funding or what would be required to qualify for a loan. The good news is that as business finance sources continue to grow in numbers, more and more lenders are carving a particular piece of the market to service. To take advantage of these alternatives, you must have a solid approach when looking for business finance. Here’s a quick list of things to consider Develop a solid, continuous, understanding of your personal and business assets, income and cash flow. Regardless of the business financing model, these items will always come to play to a degree. The ability to demonstrate a solid understanding of your financial data is also an indication of your ability to manage the underlying business.

Monitor and manage your personal and business loans

Small and medium business financing focuses on personal and business credit history. Regular review of personal and business credit reports from the major credit bureaus are important in order to avoid mistakes and credit practices seriously damaging your creditworthiness. Develop your marketing position. Yes, looking for business finance is a marketing exercise. When you apply for business finance, you market your business to lenders and they in turn market their business finance programs for you. Think of the lender as a customer to better understand what they are looking for.

Then develop a business proposal that addresses all potential needs and concerns. Research funding sources There are many sources of business finance. But there are also many differences in the types of business applications that everyone is prepared to consider. Broad-based lenders rely on credit history and net worth. As you become more specific in terms of financing application and industry, lender programs will be narrower and may be harder to find. You need to look at things like industry, sector and geography when looking for business finance sources. Financial Advisor and Business Loan Broker can be a great source of information to help you with this process. Qualify the LenderBefore you make a formal application, find out if the lender has the programs and lending to meet your specific needs.

Too often, the lender does all the qualifying

Compare Your Options Depending on the scenario, there may be several financing strategies that might work for your business. Make sure you take the time to make a comparison before making a decision. The extra time could save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Start today Regardless of what your business financing needs, you should regularly invest time to keep track of your financial data, monitor your loans, and seek funding sources that fit your industry and potential future needs. Your proactive efforts can make all the difference if you get the capital you need with the terms and times that are acceptable to your business.

Our company makes it easy to understand corporate finance. Learn how to find and secure the right financing for your business. To receive your free 6-part mini course, visit the corporate finance website

To build a cheap house

Many homeownership candidates have few means to own their main home. The goal is clearly defined: to build a cheap house . All efforts then tend to try to save on all items to reduce the debt ratio

How to build a cheap house?

How to build a cheap house?

The land pass: a solution that ends on December 31, 2010

Until now, one of the solutions was to put the project in the context of the land pass. This arrangement made it possible to separate the financing of land and construction. Clearly, the buyer was the tenant of the land for which he signed a long-term lease and could then devote the entire budget to the construction of the house. However, this device ending on December 31, 2010, it is no longer possible to benefit. However, it has allowed many buyers to invest in real estate on particularly advantageous terms.

Choose a cheap builder

It is possible to build a cheap house through a professional. However, it is preferable that the latter is a member of the Union of Manufacturers of Individual Houses (UNCMI) for you to have all the necessary guarantees. But choosing a good builder is not easy. The reason is that the elements of comparison are not always identical.

Know how to analyze the description

The choice of materials comes in a lot of the cost of construction and to succeed in building a cheap house, the builder will tend to choose cheap materials. While for some jobs it is possible to have a quality house with lower quality materials, some aspects of the construction deserve special attention.

Treat the shell

If there is a job on which it is not really possible to save, it is the main work. If you build a house on sloping ground with a buried basement, it is essential that the walls of the latter be mounted in “concrete banché” to establish the strength of the work and not in rubble. On the other hand, one can gain a lot on the budget and manage to build one’s house cheap if one opts for a frame type “farmhouse” much cheaper than the traditional framework. This choice will not affect the strength of the building.

Building a cheap house by providing self-help

Building a cheap house by providing self-help

One possibility to succeed in building a cheap house is not to go through a builder but to choose an architect for the realization of the plans and possibly for the filing of the building permit and then to ensure yourself the prime contractor . You will then choose, as the owner of the work, the different craftsmen who will intervene in the construction.

Self-construction: a solution for most DIYers

Most do-it-yourselfers can opt for self-construction. This is obviously the best way to build a cheap home but that will pose two major problems. The first concerns the real estate loan. Many banking organizations no longer finance self-construction because there is a risk to the strength of the building when the house is not built by a professional. The other problem concerns the underwriting of property and casualty insurance. You should know that this insurance is mandatory. However, it is very difficult to subscribe individually, insurers being very few to propose it.

Gandalfbank: opinions, comments and interests of your loans

Gandalf Bank is one of the loan portals that have positive and negative opinions so far this year, so I will review the interests, requirements, conditions and other small print to show you an image as objective as possible and that it helps you decide, as well as the comments of the users that I would like to leave so that this information can be completed with more points of view.

Gandalf Bank: opinions and comments on quick loans

Although I previously made a brief article about Gandalf Bank, I thought it important to make a new updated revision this year, so that you have the new conditions, interests and requirements that you are asking for today.

Currently, Gandalf Bank allows you to request a loan of up to 15,000 euros , and without guarantees or endorsements.

  • One adavantage is that Gandalf Bank offers much more than many loan portals, which, although they are opening a little more hand, they do not become, except Zaemus, of 15, 000 euro, none of them
  • On the other hand, the drawback, although logical on the other hand is that they ask you for much more personal information and income to be able to do the study, although it is just as fast in the answer

Gandalf Bank: interests and conditions under review

One of the most important aspects when deciding which is the best loan is undoubtedly the interests. In the case of Gandalf Bank, this interest rate is variable according to the personal income conditions reflected in the application, but, to give you an idea, it is at a minimum of 4.06% APR

  • If we compare this 4.06% with the 3000% TAE charged by the average microloan portals, it certainly deserves much more, although the application process is somewhat more tedious.

As for the rest of the conditions, the most interesting thing is that you can repay the loan within a maximum period of 5 years, so you can repay it through very flxible monthly payments.

  • One drawback of these condition is that, if you are going to ask for amounts higher than 6, 000 euros, you will be required to contribute a guarantor, something that is not always possible and enmarronar family or friends

Gandalf Bank: minimum requirements to apply for a loan

Regarding the requirements, as I have said, it depends on the detailed study of the application, but there are some minimum requirements that must be fulfilled obligatorily or else it is totally safe that the application is rejected. These minimum requirements are:

  • Be between 20 and 75 years old
  • Have a residence in Spain, whether Spanish or foreign citizens with a residence permit in Spain

On the other hand, one aspect that I appreciate is the customer service, since you have multiple ways to contact them, either through email, phone, skype or online chat, something that I really miss in other portals. Also, I think the fact that they indicate the name of the person responsible for customer service, which personally generates confidence, seems serious to me.

In short, Gandalf Bank in my experience testing it has proved a very effective way to get large amounts of money with reasonable interest rates and conditions fairly flexible repayment, and, although it has the disadvantage that they ask for much more personal data and income, it’s worth it because practically at the same time as these mini loan portals , you can get up to 15,000 euros. If you have also tried it, please leave your comments, positive or negative (I do not cut myself to publish it, as long as they are respectful), and thus help other users to have different points of view.