Gandalfbank: opinions, comments and interests of your loans

Gandalf Bank is one of the loan portals that have positive and negative opinions so far this year, so I will review the interests, requirements, conditions and other small print to show you an image as objective as possible and that it helps you decide, as well as the comments of the users that I would like to leave so that this information can be completed with more points of view.

Gandalf Bank: opinions and comments on quick loans

Although I previously made a brief article about Gandalf Bank, I thought it important to make a new updated revision this year, so that you have the new conditions, interests and requirements that you are asking for today.

Currently, Gandalf Bank allows you to request a loan of up to 15,000 euros , and without guarantees or endorsements.

  • One adavantage is that Gandalf Bank offers much more than many loan portals, which, although they are opening a little more hand, they do not become, except Zaemus, of 15, 000 euro, none of them
  • On the other hand, the drawback, although logical on the other hand is that they ask you for much more personal information and income to be able to do the study, although it is just as fast in the answer

Gandalf Bank: interests and conditions under review

One of the most important aspects when deciding which is the best loan is undoubtedly the interests. In the case of Gandalf Bank, this interest rate is variable according to the personal income conditions reflected in the application, but, to give you an idea, it is at a minimum of 4.06% APR

  • If we compare this 4.06% with the 3000% TAE charged by the average microloan portals, it certainly deserves much more, although the application process is somewhat more tedious.

As for the rest of the conditions, the most interesting thing is that you can repay the loan within a maximum period of 5 years, so you can repay it through very flxible monthly payments.

  • One drawback of these condition is that, if you are going to ask for amounts higher than 6, 000 euros, you will be required to contribute a guarantor, something that is not always possible and enmarronar family or friends

Gandalf Bank: minimum requirements to apply for a loan

Regarding the requirements, as I have said, it depends on the detailed study of the application, but there are some minimum requirements that must be fulfilled obligatorily or else it is totally safe that the application is rejected. These minimum requirements are:

  • Be between 20 and 75 years old
  • Have a residence in Spain, whether Spanish or foreign citizens with a residence permit in Spain

On the other hand, one aspect that I appreciate is the customer service, since you have multiple ways to contact them, either through email, phone, skype or online chat, something that I really miss in other portals. Also, I think the fact that they indicate the name of the person responsible for customer service, which personally generates confidence, seems serious to me.

In short, Gandalf Bank in my experience testing it has proved a very effective way to get large amounts of money with reasonable interest rates and conditions fairly flexible repayment, and, although it has the disadvantage that they ask for much more personal data and income, it’s worth it because practically at the same time as these mini loan portals , you can get up to 15,000 euros. If you have also tried it, please leave your comments, positive or negative (I do not cut myself to publish it, as long as they are respectful), and thus help other users to have different points of view.

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