Moving bonus for private employees and public servants

Conditions for obtaining the moving allowance

You benefit from the moving allowance distributed by the Caisses d’Allocations Familiales (), if you meet the following conditions.

  1. You are expecting your third child (or beyond) and you are entering your third month of pregnancy or you have at least three dependent children and the youngest is under two years old.
  2. You move between the first day after the third month of pregnancy and the two years of the youngest child.
  3. You apply for a moving allowance no later than 6 months after moving into your new home.
  4. You benefit from APL (Personalized Housing Assistance) or ALF (Family Housing Allowance).

How much can I get?

takes into account all the costs incurred, capped at:

  • € 957.60 if you have 3 dependent children
  • 1037, 40 € if you have 4 dependent children
  • + € 79.80 extra from the 5th child

How to fill out an application?

The application for a moving allowance is made to the Family Allowance Fund by completing two documents:

  • Cerfa form no. 11363 which concerns the application itself
  • Cerfa form no. 11423 for a declaration of situation.

You can download the documents either directly on the website or go to the cash register closest to your home.

Justify all expenses incurred

No compensation will be paid without proof. If you have used a mover, you must provide the bill.

This must include the addresses of departure and arrival, the date of transport and the type of payment of the invoice.

If you take care of the transport yourself, you must produce proof of all the expenses incurred (vehicle rental bills, tolls …).

You must also declare any aid received by other bodies (eg employer or state loan for civil servants). These will be deducted from the amount that will be paid by the .

Good to know : it is possible in some cases to obtain an advance on presentation of a quote. Check with your for more information.

What to do in case of refusal

It is possible to dispute the decision of your Caisse provided you do so within two months of notification. After this time, you will have no further recourse. Send your complaint by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt to your caisse and ask to be submitted to the amicable board of appeal. This one will be in charge to reconsider your request.

The moving allowance for the officials of the National Education

The moving allowance for the officials of the National Education

If your change of assignment results in a change of private residence, you can benefit from a support. To do this Simply send your request to the Academy of the place where you are assigned in the 12 months following the change of residence and

Cumulative conditions

  • You are an official.
  • You move no earlier than 9 months before your transfer.
  • You justify sufficient seniority to the position you leave: 5 years since the last change (reduced to 3 years if this is your first transfer). If your application follows a change of assignment of your spouse who is a public service employee, there is no minimum duration to be respected.
  • You move with your family (spouse and children) as your principal residence.


The lump sum

It is fixed by decree and totally independent of the real costs incurred. It is intended to cover expenses related to the transport of furniture. Its amount depends on the kilometric distance separating the old and the new housing.

Variable compensation

It is intended to reimburse the transport of persons and is calculated on the basis of the SNCF tariff in second class if you travel by train or on the basis of the kilometric scale of the tax administration if you make the trip by car.

Calculation of the moving allowance

You can not claim any compensation if your transfer is the result of a disciplinary sanction, as well as if you move following a departure on parental leave or on training leave.