The main cause of business loan frustration

Finding right business financing is not easy at the best times for most small and medium business owners and managers. There are a number of reasons that together explain why the business finance market can be so difficult to understand and too Probably the most important reason is the lack of useful information on how the corporate finance market actually works.

The financing information for companies and sources of education exists mainly in two forms:

1) Textbooks;

2) Big bank advertising.

If you’ve ever read an education finance textbook or attended a business finance course, you already know how difficult it can be to apply the theories, principles and strategies to a small or medium sized business. Our formal education system only provides limited information on how the marketplace works, how to budget for financing, how to tackle growth periods, decline, transition, launch, etc. Academic books and courses can go through all these areas in great detail, but is the information practical, real world, something that you can refer to as a manager or owner of a small or medium business and in most cases the answer is a clear NO.More Finance textbooks speak big – business finance dynamics that are not easily transferable to small and medium sized business scenarios.

Outside of the formal education system, the next big source of business finance information is that of the big banks that they usually provide through their broad marketing campaigns. Unfortunately, the information alone rarely helps determine if a particular institution would be able to provide you with funding or what would be required to qualify for a loan. The good news is that as business finance sources continue to grow in numbers, more and more lenders are carving a particular piece of the market to service. To take advantage of these alternatives, you must have a solid approach when looking for business finance. Here’s a quick list of things to consider Develop a solid, continuous, understanding of your personal and business assets, income and cash flow. Regardless of the business financing model, these items will always come to play to a degree. The ability to demonstrate a solid understanding of your financial data is also an indication of your ability to manage the underlying business.

Monitor and manage your personal and business loans

Small and medium business financing focuses on personal and business credit history. Regular review of personal and business credit reports from the major credit bureaus are important in order to avoid mistakes and credit practices seriously damaging your creditworthiness. Develop your marketing position. Yes, looking for business finance is a marketing exercise. When you apply for business finance, you market your business to lenders and they in turn market their business finance programs for you. Think of the lender as a customer to better understand what they are looking for.

Then develop a business proposal that addresses all potential needs and concerns. Research funding sources There are many sources of business finance. But there are also many differences in the types of business applications that everyone is prepared to consider. Broad-based lenders rely on credit history and net worth. As you become more specific in terms of financing application and industry, lender programs will be narrower and may be harder to find. You need to look at things like industry, sector and geography when looking for business finance sources. Financial Advisor and Business Loan Broker can be a great source of information to help you with this process. Qualify the LenderBefore you make a formal application, find out if the lender has the programs and lending to meet your specific needs.

Too often, the lender does all the qualifying

Compare Your Options Depending on the scenario, there may be several financing strategies that might work for your business. Make sure you take the time to make a comparison before making a decision. The extra time could save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Start today Regardless of what your business financing needs, you should regularly invest time to keep track of your financial data, monitor your loans, and seek funding sources that fit your industry and potential future needs. Your proactive efforts can make all the difference if you get the capital you need with the terms and times that are acceptable to your business.

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