The questions borrowers ask themselves

In order to allow Internet users to find specific questions to the answers they ask themselves, Emprunt-Et-Cré has decided to adapt its “Frequently Asked Questions” section to make it both more functional and more accessible . The goal is ambitious: to allow borrowers to find the answer to their question very directly and simply in the world.

Grouped into 15 categories, from real estate loans to the problem of over-indebtedness through insurance or real estate, this database will ultimately gather most of the detailed answers to all the questions we have been asked for the last 5 years. .

The reorganization of the Frequently Asked Questions will nevertheless take a few months to find its final form. It will therefore be necessary to wait before finding on the home page the block presenting the categories .

How to use the FAQ?

Nothing more simple, just first go to homepage and then click on the topic that interests you. This categorization saves a lot of time rather than having to search through dozens of different questions. The organization of the FAQ also makes it easy to find related questions that can complement the information in a relevant way. As we often say one question can bring another.

Example: Does a seller have the right to refuse to sell to a borrower who uses a home loan?

If you have already done this, even if you have done this type of research, you would agree that the answer is not easy to find. You will have to spend a lot of time browsing the Internet and collecting scattered information across many sites. One will address the obligations of the seller but will be too vague, the other will give you information about the bank loan refusal, another will talk about the protection of the borrower. Thanks to the FAQ of you will be able to find a PRECISE answer to a PRECISE question.

An original way of approaching practical and fast finance

An original way of approaching practical and fast finance

We are convinced that this unique way of dealing with financial issues through practical cases will allow everyone to find in just a few clicks the answers they are entitled to expect from an information site like ours.

Ask your question directly to our experts

Ask your question directly to our experts

Even with the content provided and detailed, it will certainly happen that a question is not asked or at least that the answer provided by our experts is not fully adapted to your situation. Never mind, you can ask us directly. You will receive the answer directly and if we deem it useful for users, we will add it to the FAQ, which will feed the database for all.

Some examples of questions asked by Internet users

  • How much is the percentage of notary fees on the purchase of a house?
  • Does my bank have the right to transfer my booklet to fill an overdraft on my current account?
  • How does the bank calculate agios for my discovery?
  • Can seniors over the age of 60 make a credit redemption transaction?