To build a cheap house

Many homeownership candidates have few means to own their main home. The goal is clearly defined: to build a cheap house . All efforts then tend to try to save on all items to reduce the debt ratio

How to build a cheap house?

How to build a cheap house?

The land pass: a solution that ends on December 31, 2010

Until now, one of the solutions was to put the project in the context of the land pass. This arrangement made it possible to separate the financing of land and construction. Clearly, the buyer was the tenant of the land for which he signed a long-term lease and could then devote the entire budget to the construction of the house. However, this device ending on December 31, 2010, it is no longer possible to benefit. However, it has allowed many buyers to invest in real estate on particularly advantageous terms.

Choose a cheap builder

It is possible to build a cheap house through a professional. However, it is preferable that the latter is a member of the Union of Manufacturers of Individual Houses (UNCMI) for you to have all the necessary guarantees. But choosing a good builder is not easy. The reason is that the elements of comparison are not always identical.

Know how to analyze the description

The choice of materials comes in a lot of the cost of construction and to succeed in building a cheap house, the builder will tend to choose cheap materials. While for some jobs it is possible to have a quality house with lower quality materials, some aspects of the construction deserve special attention.

Treat the shell

If there is a job on which it is not really possible to save, it is the main work. If you build a house on sloping ground with a buried basement, it is essential that the walls of the latter be mounted in “concrete banché” to establish the strength of the work and not in rubble. On the other hand, one can gain a lot on the budget and manage to build one’s house cheap if one opts for a frame type “farmhouse” much cheaper than the traditional framework. This choice will not affect the strength of the building.

Building a cheap house by providing self-help

Building a cheap house by providing self-help

One possibility to succeed in building a cheap house is not to go through a builder but to choose an architect for the realization of the plans and possibly for the filing of the building permit and then to ensure yourself the prime contractor . You will then choose, as the owner of the work, the different craftsmen who will intervene in the construction.

Self-construction: a solution for most DIYers

Most do-it-yourselfers can opt for self-construction. This is obviously the best way to build a cheap home but that will pose two major problems. The first concerns the real estate loan. Many banking organizations no longer finance self-construction because there is a risk to the strength of the building when the house is not built by a professional. The other problem concerns the underwriting of property and casualty insurance. You should know that this insurance is mandatory. However, it is very difficult to subscribe individually, insurers being very few to propose it.